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Sandra G. Cathey


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FEEPS SWIMMING can teach you the process of becoming an efficient and faster swimmer.

FEEPS SWIMMING is for swimmers of all ages.

Triathletes/Open Water swimmers: FEEPS SWIMMING can teach you faster swimming, to lower your heart rate while swimming, and how to save your legs for the bike/run portion of your event.

Pool racers: FEEPS SWIMMING can teach you how to become a better racer in technique and in race strategy.

Fitness Swimmers: FEEPS SWIMMING is not just for competitive swimmers. Fitness is based on how efficiently and anatomically correct you can perform your swimming for maximum benefits.

Instruction is based upon private sessions to group clinics. FEEPS SWIMMING can be customized to your needs, provides personalized instruction and can come to you.

WHY is FEEPS SWIMMING different from other swimming instruction?

Sandra Cathey has been coaching swimming for over 20 years. Sandra has coached from the grass roots level to collegiate programs. She has coached nationally and internationally for Total Immersion Swimming Clinics for 10 years. While coaching the UCLA program, she also coached privately on the West Coast.

Sandra has amassed many Top Ten in the US rankings in addition to 2 Top Ten in the World rankings during her Master’s career. She holds numerous NC State masters records in several age groups. Sandra has swum Wildflower Triathlon and also open water ocean swims.

FEEPS SWIMMING instruction offers to YOU the knowledge of all swim venues from years of:

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Enhance the positive and diminish the negative!